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mural design


Wish Group is a collection of companies anchored by entrepreneurial passion, run by hard work and growing because of integrity. We continue to focus on becoming the premier business solutions provider in Canada by providing diversified services to Canadian clients across industries.


There was a companywide move to one central location, but we had no designs to signify the unified move, and how each company was related to each other.


Create a large mural in the main lobby as you enter our office displaying the Wish Group family companies. Use a small sample from each company's logo to include in the design to show unity. Furthermore, keep the original Wish Group theme present and at the front of the mural because they're the parent company.


We created a design showing a face blowing a pollen to signify the parent Wish Group company because that is their theme. In addition, within the facial silhouette, each company's logo is represented as a part of the face. Lastly, the sister company’s logos are displayed beside the silhouette to display the relation to Wish Group and how we're all unified as one family unit.


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