What if you’re a nationally recognized wireless dealer inadvertently competing for visibility on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) with a well-known, high-end virtual reality system?

That was the predicament facing Vive Wireless, a Bell wireless dealer specializing in corporate business solutions across Canada and locally with a retail presence in Bolton, Ontario. Due to a common keyword, they were buried deep within Google search results, all the way on page three, even when the search term was “Vive Wireless.”

Why is this an issue? Most searchers do not venture beyond the first page of Google results when looking for a product or service. By not having a presence on that first page, Vive Wireless was not being found, and losing out on business from potential customers.

There didn’t seem to be an easy solution. Vive Wireless deliberated moving up in SERPs via an expensive SEO and/or search ads campaign or settling on a complete rebrand — an even more costly and time-consuming decision.

A rebrand would have been a nightmare, as they’d partnered with Bell for 30 years and built many connections in the corporate and retail market under the Vive moniker.

Enter Mike Agency.

Mike Agency’s solution

The Mike Agency’s solution, Listings Sync Pro, would create, update and keep track of all of Vive Wireless’s business listings, without breaking the bank or splitting hairs. With a few clicks, Listing Sync Pro allows clients to take full ownership of their online listings, pushing data in real-time to authoritative listings sources such as Yelp, Google Maps and Foursquare, across the web and mobile apps.

On top of this, it protects listings  from 3rd party changes, suppresses duplicate listings and any submission inconsistencies, as well as proof of performance, so clients can track ROI.

Talk about thorough.

If you’re curious to learn more, download your copy of the Vive Wireless success story or head on over to the Vive Wireless site to learn more about their business.

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