Did you know approximately 3.5 billion people worldwide use social media? That is almost half of the world’s population. For your business to have a powerful online presence, you must be where your customers are.

This means it is crucial to have an active and engaging business profile on social media channels.

What is digital advertising?

Digital ads are everywhere, from websites to mobile phones, to social media channels, and even smartwatches. They allow you to leverage cyberspace and to offer promotional ads to consumers across multiple channels to tell your brand story.

Digital advertising is the most precise form of advertising you will come across. It helps you target customers within a specific geographic location, demographic, interest group, as well as those searching for your business, and even those who recently visited your business.

Within the digital marketplace, the consumer is more powerful than ever before. Most consumers are aware of and research the products, solutions, and even companies before buying.

Why should you opt for digital advertising?

With the availability of multiple devices and channels, digital ads help you reach a larger audience in a real-time and personalized manner. There are three main reasons to opt for digital advertising:

  1. Buyers are on digital channels – Be it Facebook, Google, Instagram, Bing, or any other channel on the web, your potential buyer is continuously switching between platforms and apps. Digital ads allow you to reach them across channels.
  2. Higher targeting ability – Digital advertising gives you control over who sees your ad and interacts with it. You can target the exact audience that is most likely to buy your products or use your services.
  3. Ability to personalize – Today’s marketing and advertising tools can provide an abundance of consumer data which can be leveraged to gauge customer intent. Using this data, you can personalize ads based on behaviors, buying cycles, brand engagement levels, demographics, and browsing histories.

What are the benefits of digital advertising?

Digital ads help you target customers where they most spend their time, that is online. Let us explore some of the benefits offered by digital advertising:

  1. Cost-effectiveness – Digital advertising costs far less than traditional advertising. You can start with a minimal budget which can be adjusted on-the-go. The results come quickly for digital ads which helps you understand what is working and what is not, allowing you to plan and strategize accordingly.
  2. Total control of the budget – Platforms like Facebook and Google allow for a great amount of flexibility. You can limit the spending amount, add more money later, or stop the campaign altogether depending on performance. Digital ads allow for detailed monitoring of how budgets are being allocated and spent.
  3. Quick and easy planning – Unlike traditional marketing, it is fast and easy to plan your digital ads. You do not need weeks and months of planning. All it takes is a few clicks to create, set up, and go live with your digital ad campaign.
  4. Easy of tracking – It is easy to track how your digital ads are performing with the help of analytics, enabling you to monitor key aspects of your campaign in real-time and make changes as required.
  5. Updating whenever – It is easy to update your digital ad campaigns and make any minor or major changes while the ad is live, which is not possible in traditional advertising.
  6. Targeting – Digital ads are targeted. They give you complete control of who will see the ad, allowing you to ensure that the ad is seen by those who are interested in it.

Potential buyers are more likely to engage with digital ads that are creative, relevant, and interesting. This gives SMBs an equal opportunity to advertise and compete within the same space as the larger businesses without breaking the bank.

The Mike Agency’s Reputation and Marketing Platform (RAMP) gives you the ability to monitor the performance of your digital ads from one place. With the integration of Google Analytics and monthly reports, it further allows you to track results.

If you wish to gauge the online presence of your business, including how your digital ad campaigns are performing, we offer a complimentary Snapshot Report to help you identify areas that need improvement and how you stack up against your competition. Click here to generate the free Snapshot Report.