Lines of Elan offers a unique selection of natural + organic beauty essentials, to make everyday life gentler on our bodies & our environment. Their goal is to bring you green beauty products that you want to use on your entire family all derived from the power of nature.


The packaging, design, and branding products were outdated and no longer represented the ideals of the company. Lines of Elan needed a way to showcase their unique natural and organic beauty essentials in a new way that would grab the attention of their audience.


Change the colour scheme to display eye-catching colour sequences that pop out when you see them online, get a sample, or see them at tradeshows. Incorporate the new design across all products and packaging to join the branding and marketing campaigns.


The 6 new eye-catching designs we created made it easier to read the product ingredients. The new cross-colour packaging designs related closer to making everyday life gentler on our bodies and environment. Lastly, we decided to rebrand the company by ensuring all the new product designs shown on the website conveyed the importance of using green beauty products for your family.


Lines of Elan

What we did

Branding & Identity, Packaging Design