Since 1991, Vive Wireless has operated as a Bell dealership in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), providing enterprise corporate business solutions as well as a local retail presence in Bolton, Ontario.


Due to a common brand name, Vive Wireless was competing for visibility against a popular, high-end virtual reality headset and gaming system, marketed internationally also as Vive Wireless. It was buried deep within search engine results, all the way on page three. By not having a presence on the first page, Vive Wireless was not being found, and losing out on business from potential customers long term. Vive was also looking for an effective way to engage with current business clients while expanding its base of qualified leads.


To get started, Mike Agency took a multi-tiered approach developing an email strategy to continue engaging with Vive’s base, reiterating service excellence to support cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, while rolling out a digital ads strategy focused on case studies and success stories. Social channels would support these central themes. Most critical, Vive needed to move up in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) by either running an expensive SEO and/or search ads campaign or settling on a complete rebrand. But before going down this road, we wanted to see what our RAMP platform’s Listings Sync Pro app could do to create, update, and keep track of all Vive Wireless’s business listings and help it rank higher in search.


The results of this simple application were nothing short of dramatic. The client saw its listings rise to the first page of Google search results. Meanwhile, digital marketing strategies quickly began to drive inbound leads. Combined, these strategies increased its awareness among existing customers and helped drive new business.


Vive Wireless

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