Did you know that there are close to 50 listing sites on which you may need to list your business? It has never been more important for your business to have a local footprint with accurate information.

Just having your information on a few listing sites is no longer good enough, particularly if you are in a highly competitive market. You need to be present exactly where your customers are searching, which is why you need to list your business on listings sites like Google My Business (GMB), Facebook and Foursquare. But that is just the beginning.

Managing a handful of these business listing sites is labor intensive, at the best of times. Now imagine doing this dozens of times on different sites. It would not just be a time-consuming process but also nerve wracking. Besides, you have a business to run. Devoting hundreds of hours to managing just your business listings is less than ideal. This is where a listings management tool becomes an essential resource.

What is a listings management tool?

A listings management tool allows any business to create, manage and update all its listings across the internet.

A good listings management tool allows you to take control of all your business listings across multiple platforms from a single place. Not only will you be able to create an online presence for your business, but also manage it with complete ease.

Why do you need a business listings management tool?

Having your business listed on all possible sites is only the first step. Next comes managing it, which includes keeping your business information accurate and updated. At times, customers may suggest edits to your business listing, which may not be accurate. But, if you are not on top of it, Google has been known to occasionally integrate suggested changes automatically. This can result in incorrect information finding its way to other business listings sites.

Research shows that 73% of consumers lose trust in a brand when an online listing shows incorrect information. Furthermore, incorrect business listings lead to missed sales opportunities, frustrated consumers, and lower search rankings. To highlight what is at stake, we published a CASE STUDY of how a BMW dealer used our listings management platform to discover and sort through incorrect location information across several major data providers. Furthermore, it showcases how the wrong address snowballed into erroneous business listings across the web, eventually impacting the businesses’ local footprint adversely.

How can a listing management tool benefit your business?

  1. Share accurate information via any medium – Push listing data to aggregators and directories, which ensures that your information is accurate and easily found across the web, on mobile devices and through voice searches.
  2. Save time – Create, manage and update your business listings from one place, rather than spending time clicking from one platform to the next.
  3. Make real-time updates – Whenever there are changes in business information, be it address, phone number, work hours, etc., update the same easily across multiple business listings in real-time.
  4. Access Google Insights – With your business listed on Google My Business, you can easily view GMB insights and gauge the performance of your listings from one place.
  5. Executive reports – Generate executive reports which help you evaluate the performance of your business listings and make changes as required.

In today’s digital world, it is imperative to have an online presence and own it. With a listing management platform such as The Mike Agency’s Listing Builder, you can do all of that efficiently from one place without hassle.

If you want to gauge the online presence of your business, including how well your listings are performing, we offer complimentary Snapshot Report to help you identify the areas in need of improvement and how you stack up against your competition. Click here to generate a free Snapshot Report.